Giveaways are the new interactive content that’s taking the digital world by storm. They are great for marketers and users alike. Why? Because they are fun, engaging, and offer value.

According to Easy Promos, 94.46% of users who participate in online contests and giveaways share the promotion with friends, and other users recruit 15.48% of new participants.

Regardless, it might still seem like an alien concept that you’re not game to try yet. Well, good news! Doorluck is the new service on the block that takes all of the guesswork out of running giveaways to reach your goals.

Here’s everything you need to know to use giveaways effectively as part of your marketing campaign.

Are you asking these common questions about online giveaways?

Maybe you’ve only started exploring the idea of using giveaways to boost your marketing, but it just seems like another hassle that you don’t have time to manage. You wonder if you need to outsource this job, but who would even take it on, and wouldn’t that be expensive?

Or maybe you want to get started but don’t know the answers to questions like these:

  • · Will it be seen as spam?
  • · How does it even work?
  • · What should I give away?
  • · How do I manage participants?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, not only will we answer all of these questions in this blog, but you can safely manage everything to do with your giveaways here at Doorluck and watch your business grow.

First up, the basics: What are giveaways?

The name is quite self-explanatory. When you offer a giveaway to your audience, you give them something of value for free in exchange for an action that helps you achieve a goal.

These goals might be to build your email lists, create social media visibility, drive traffic to your website, or simply to build trust with your followers. The underlying idea is that users get something for free, which helps build a strong relationship between the business and the customer.

Sometimes giveaways are used as a preview to a more significant product.

Take this, for example:

Let’s say an online school gives away a free short course. Five hundred people enroll in the class, filling the top of their sales funnel.

The course is high quality and is used to promote the full extended version of the course, which costs $500 to enroll in.

The free course creates engagement and fills the top of the sales funnel. It builds trust with consumers and eliminates a lot of the barriers between people and the purchase. The course also builds the school’s mailing list so they can offer other products later on.

The short course offers value; people see it, and they want more. It gives people something and then highlights what they don’t yet have (but can) by purchasing the full course. It’s a win-win.

Why are Giveaways Such an Effective Marketing Tool?

Giveaways are essential to success for online marketing. This might sound a little dramatic, but it’s true. You don’t have to give away a free holiday to the Bahamas (which you couldn’t, at the moment anyway). But you do need to offer something for free to establish good customer relationships.

This might be something as small as a free consultation. It just needs to be a zero-risk entry point for the consumer.

Let’s walk through this.

Giveaways make you stand out from your competition. If you offer a high value giveaway with every purchase, people will purchase simply for the giveaway. But even a small giveaway says, “I’m willing to give something to prove I’m not all about what I can take,” and that kind of gesture speaks volumes.

Here are the reasons why giveaways are so powerful.

They build trust

A giveaway gives a great first impression. If you show that you are prepared to give a little and expect nothing in return, people will trust your business more easily. It’s also an opportunity for people to get to know your business without feeling trapped by it.

It’s how we build trust with others even outside of business. Healthy relationships are built on mutual giving and receiving. Businesses are becoming more and more switched on to this.

There’s also nothing like being able to sample a product or service before making a purchase. Giveaways remove a lot of the initial barriers people have about purchasing. Instead of trying to convince your audience that you can deliver, you simply get to show them.

Giveaways offer up-front value

When people see that you’re giving away something they’re interested in, you’ve created immediate value. This value is then associated with your whole brand, not just the giveaway.

They tip the scales in your favor

When people are researching their options, they have all kinds of questions in their minds that need answering. These questions form barriers. The business that can identify and answer these questions the best will remove the barriers and win the customer.

But what happens if there are a few companies that all seem just as good as each other? How does the prospect decide?

The company offering the most value will win out. You might not be able to increase your services or decrease your price, but you can compete with what you offer upfront in the form of a giveaway.

Create action

Giveaways are a great way to incentivize people to take action, like engaging with a Facebook post or joining an email list. The trick is to make the action seem small in comparison to the giveaway.

Signing up to an email list can feel like a pointless task, but if you get a free educational e-book for doing it, it now seems like a pretty good deal.

If your action is a small price to pay for the reward, people will take it.

Generate sales

We’ve talked about how you can generate sales by using a giveaway as a prequel to a more significant product or service, but there are other ways to get an ROI from your giveaway.

Even though a giveaway probably won’t result in immediate sales, it will generate a lot of leads. If you use a giveaway to increase your email subscribers, you then have the opportunity to nurture these leads and convert them into customers.

Increase engagement

One of the best uses of a giveaway is to increase social media engagement. You can do this by giving people the chance to win, or simply access something valuable for free in exchange for a share on social media.

Set goals before you start

You need to know exactly what you are trying to achieve and how you will measure this achievement before you start. Once you know your goals, you can answer these questions:

  • · What platform will make it easiest for people to enter?
  • · What prize will give value to people as well as your business?
  • · How will you market your giveaway to reach your target audience?
  • · What is the condition of entry that will help you achieve this goal?
  • · For how long do you need to run the giveaway?

Having clear goals is the only way to know if your campaign has been a success. You can’t know that you achieved the goal if you don’t even know what the goal was.

Decide early what you want your giveaway to accomplish and use it as the basis for setting up your campaign.

Common ways to create and run giveaways online

So, you’re ready to give this a try, but where do you start? There are a lot of different ways to run giveaways. We recommend housing your giveaway with Doorluck (see why below), but here is a list of common options to explore.

Instagram giveaways

How it works

Instagram is a useful platform for gaining brand awareness through hashtags, especially if you want to increase exposure to a new audience.

People can enter the giveaway by:

  • · Sharing a post with your hashtag
  • · Following your page
  • · Tagging a friend in the post promoting the giveaway

The pros

Giveaways on Instagram are cheap and easy to set up. All you need to do is post the information to your page and monitor the results.

The cons

These types of posts can come across as spam, or worse, scams. People who don’t know your brand might see it as too risky to enter. It is also difficult to track who has entered via your hashtag. Monitoring results can get messy and time-consuming.

Facebook giveaways

How it works

Facebook is similar to Twitter and Instagram giveaways. You can ask people to enter the giveaway in exchange for liking your post. Because of Facebook’s strict rules around giveaways, it’s better to use Facebook as a funnel that drives people to a third-party website (like Doorluck) where you manage the giveaway.

The pros

Again, it’s easy to set up, and it’s free.

The cons

Facebook is a little trickier than Instagram. They don't allow participants to share your post to their timeline, share to a friend's timeline, or tag friends to enter. This makes it harder to use Facebook to reach a new audience, which will hinder your results.

You might need to pay to promote your post to give it a bit of traction.

Run a re-tweet campaign

How it works

Participants have to re-tweet your tweet to enter the giveaway. Make sure you ask them to mention you in their post so that you can track the re-tweets.

The pros

Twitter seems to be a little more encouraging of contests and giveaways on their platform. It’s a cheap and easy way to run a giveaway.

The cons

People may be tempted to create multiple accounts to enter lots of times. Twitter doesn’t allow this, and it could create botched results.

Use Doorluck to manage your giveaway

How it works

Manage every aspect of your giveaway with Doorluck so that you can promote it on every platform, including your own website.

The pros

Running a Doorluck giveaway means that you can use all of your digital platforms to drive traffic to the one place where everything is managed. You don’t have to worry about breaking Facebook rules or losing track of participants. It’s also quick, easy, and cost-effective to set up.

The best thing about hosting your giveaway with Doorluck is that you can choose what you would like in exchange for entering. This can be things that happen away from social media, like entering an email address or linking to your website in another blog.

The cons

Creating a Doorluck giveaways is not free like social media giveaways, but the results far outweigh the small investment.

Use giveaways at online events

There’s never been a more critical time for a business to be online, but it’s hard to replace face to face contact in the digital world. The closest we can come to it is live streaming events that your audience can attend.

How it works

You can use giveaways to get people to sign up for your online event and then again to encourage them to attend the event.

The pros

You can increase the value of your event with a relevant giveaway while increasing your ticket sales.

The cons

People might sign up just for the giveaway and then choose not to attend, but this is unlikely if they also had to pay for a ticket to the event.

What to consider when creating and running a giveaway

Here are a couple of best practices to help you get the best results from your online giveaways.

Choose the right prize

Make sure that the prize you choose compliments your brand. It should be something relevant that encourages people to interact with your business further.

Vouchers are a good example of this. If a customer gets 20% off their next purchase for signing up to your email, you gain a new subscriber who is already encouraged to buy.

A software company could give away free training on how to use their product with every purchase. When people are confident that they will get the most out of their purchase, it encourages sales and increases customer satisfaction.

Optimize your landing page

If you’re using a giveaway to drive traffic to a webpage, make sure the webpage is optimized for conversions. There’s not a lot of point getting traffic if nobody understands what to do once they get there.

Make sure you have clear calls to action and a great website user experience so that leads don’t drop out of the funnel at the last minute.

This is another reason why managing your giveaway with Doorluck is the best idea, our website makes it clear and easy for visitors to take action.

Advertise with lots of visuals

People like to be able to see what they are going to get. Even if it’s a digital product, come up with a design that makes it easy to visualize exactly what the giveaway is.

You might be giving away an e-book, but you can create a design that looks like a paperback book to help people visualize the value in what you’re offering.

Match your giveaway with an upcoming event

This is a great way to make your giveaway a solution to a problem. If it’s coming up to Father’s Day, promote your giveaway as something people can win for their dads. This puts your brand in mind with an event people are already thinking about and makes your content relevant.

Offer multiple prizes

People are more likely to enter your giveaway if they have a choice of prizes because not everybody wants to win the same thing. But it also makes people feel that they have an increased chance of winning.

The other way you can do this is by bundling prizes into packages. It makes the giveaway appear to have more value while giving people more options to win something they want.

Wrap Up

Offering a giveaway is the best way to build trust with your audience. When people see that you’re happy to give something away for free, you instantly look legitimate. There are so many benefits to running giveaways, especially being able to build your email list and get your brand in front of a new crowd.

If you are as excited about using giveaways to grow your business as we are to see you grow, check out our demo giveaway to get a feel for how you can get started.