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Last updated: Aug 23, 2018

Introduction to our Privacy Policy

Doorluck Inc. (“Doorluck”, “we”, “us”, “our”) allows users to create and enter promotions online. Given the nature of our business, it is primordial that one understands its implications before using our service. In this Privacy Policy, you will find information about data we collect, technologies used to collect information, actions taken to insure data integrity, etc. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully as privacy is a concern that we take very seriously. Before diving into the topics listed above, let's define two groups of visitors that we think represent the majority of Doorluck's user base.

1) Organizers:

Organizers are users who actively create, manage and market promotions through Doorluck. They can be individuals, businesses or organizations.

2) Participants:

Participants are users who willingly consent to enter and participate in promotions hosted on Doorluck. These promotions, unless stated otherwise, are sponsored (created) by organizers. Users can fall under one or both of these categories. Please note that participants are not allowed to enter in promotions they have organized. Doorluck understands that you care about how your information is collected and used.

What does this Privacy Policy apply to?

This Privacy Policy applies to all services provided by Doorluck Inc. and its subsidiaries and excludes all services for which a separate Privacy Policy exists. This Privacy Policy does not apply to third party vendors and partners unless stated otherwise. Please refer to their own Privacy Policies to know how they collect, handle and distribute your personal information.

Information we collect

On Doorluck, we colllect information to provide a personalized and always improving user experience. The following categories of personal data are processed when using our service: First and last name, email address, username, photos, time zone, postal address, credit card information, and more. Information collection occurs upon many user generated events and is used to accomplish tasks such as:

  • 1) Signing up for Doorluck
  • 2) Creating a promotion
  • 3) Entering a promotion
  • 4) Registering for our newsletter
  • 5) Connecting with a third party account like Facebook
  • 6) Adding a credit card/Subscribing to a plan
  • 7) Contacting us
  • 8) Sending us feedback

All actions aforementioned require a user's explicit consent to our terms of service, which are agreed upon registration. For analytics and security purposes, we also collect data automatically by monitoring users, registered or not (website visitors). The collection of such information is done through a mixture of in house programs and third party software vendors like Google Analytics. These programs are used in the optic of providing great user experience and are believed to be necessary to attain this objective.

Consent to use your personal data

Users can make use of our application without creating an account or providing personal information. Using our service in such a way restricts most of its core features as access to certain parts of the web application will be limited. Registered users have control over the kinds of information that they receive from us. They can easily manage their account in a way that allows them to subscribe/unsubscribe from receiving product offers, newletters and other types of messages. After signing up for the service, a user can also delete their account. Once this is done, access to various features will be limited.

How do we use the information we collect?

Doorluck was built with a customer centric approach, meaning that every feature is designed with its end users in mind. Therefore, the information collected is used to improve our service, assure its functionality and restrict access from non-authorized users. Below is a list outlining the various purposes used to reach the abovementioned goals.

Identification purposes.
Protection of user account information is a priority at Doorluck. To make sure user data integrity is met, Doorluck validates users' credentials when login is attempted. This allows us to grant access to rightful owners of an account while forbidding and blocking non-authorized users.

Communication purposes.
From time to time, Doorluck will try/need to communicate with its users. These communications can take the form of newsletters, site wide announcements, blog posts and email notifications. Events that lead to these communications can be triggered by Doorluck employees, its users or can be automated. Users have the possibility to withdraw themselves out of the communications at any given time. However, should we believe for any reason that the security of an account is at risk or that information needs to be relayed for functionality, communication with the end user will be attempted.

Recommandation purposes.
In order to personalize and improve its user experience, Doorluck utilizes usage data to make recommendations. These recommandations are triggered by specific user generated events and activity on the platform. Various technologies are used to make recommandations such as: 1) in house scripts/algorithms, 2) browser cookies, 3) third party libraries 4) database features.

Billing and account administration purposes.
Billing information is used to assure functionality of our payment platform. This information is used for transparency and payment processing purposes. For example, transaction data is saved to make statements, choose/cancel subscriptions and update credit card information.

Information we share

We dot not send user information to any third party without a user's explicit consent. Therefore, personal data obtained by an organizer from a participant will always be done so with the participant consenting to share his information by clicking a link or filling out a form. In this case, the very act of entering a promotion would give Doorluck the permission to obtain information from a participant, store it onto its servers and then relay it to the organizer. In other words, when entering a promotion, participant information is saved into our database to assure software integrity and provide good functionality. We will under no circumstance, share information that has not been entered manually by the participant himself or to another third party not implicated in the process.

Information protection

User data integrity and protection of personal information is a priority at Doorluck. Therefore, we believe that we are taking the necessary steps in order to keep your data safe. Although no technology is guarateed to be 100% secure, we do use data-encryption algorithms and keep personal information stored locally (on the servers) to a minimum. Technologies such as SSL, short for Secure Sockets Layer are used for most requests, including registering users and processing credit card payments. Billing information such as card numbers, expiration dates and CVV are not stored locally. These are rather saved into a credit card vault through our payment gateway partners for PCI compliance.


Cookies are small bits of data that can be stored on a user's web browser and retrieved at a later time by a web server. They are normally used to preserve state between requests as the protocol used on the Internet, HTTP, is a stateless one. All requests made between a web server and a client (usually a web browser) are treated separately, even if/when made by the same user. Cookies are, in other words, an attempt which tries to enhance the HTTP protocol. They are useful to accomplish certain tasks such as: 1) Remembering when a user is logged in, 2) tracking and monitoring user activity, 3) storing information temporarily, etc. For a more in depth definition of cookies, please visit this definition provided by Wikipedia. HTTP cookies are essential to Doorluck' software architecture. We use them for tasks like:

  • 1) Keeping users logged in
  • 2) Restricting access to non-authorized users
  • 3) Remembering discount codes entered by users
  • 4) Tracking and monitoring user activity
  • 5) Redirecting users to various pages
  • 6) Displaying announcements

Keep in mind that we do not track a user once he has left our website. The information obtained and stored with cookies is restricted to be used only by Doorluck Inc. and its subsidiaries.

Data subject rights

Doorluck users have, with certain statutory exceptions, multiple rights with regard to Doorluck's processing of personal data. They notably have:

  • (1) the right to request access to their personal data and to find out how it is processed;
  • (2) the right to fix incorrect or incomplete information;
  • (3) the right to delete personal data for data processed illegaly where the lawful basis is consent;
  • (4) the right to restrict personal data processing;
  • (5) the right to transfer personal data in electronic format (data portability);
  • (6) the right to object to personal data processing based on the legitimate interest of Doorluck.

At any given time, users have the right to withdraw a consent previously given regarding Doorluck's processing of personal data.


Should you believe for any reason, that Doorluck has not complied with this Privacy Policy, please communicate with us by email at: privacy@doorluck.com. We will do our best to determine and correct the problem promptly.

Data Breach

Doorluck has taken strong measures to protect the security of its users' personal information and to insure that their choices for its intended use are honoured. Precautions are taken to prevent their data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration and involuntary destruction. In the event of unforeseeable circumstances leading to data breach, users of the service will be informed about the issue by email within 72 hours of identifying the problem.

Children's information

Doorluck is not directed to children under 13 years of age. We do not advertise, market nor encourage this group of minors to sign up for Doorluck. By using our service, you hereby affirm that you are 13 years of age or above. We urge you to report any such incident, should you become aware that a minor under 13 is using our service.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

From time to time, we may decide to make changes to this Privacy Policy. Changes take effect as soon as they appear on this page. If judged significant, changes will also be communicated to our users via email, website announcements or through blog posts. Please note that changes made to this Privacy Policy will never diminish a user's rights without asking for his consent first. Make sure to visit our Privacy Policy regularily to stay up to date with any ammendments that shall be made to it.

Get in touch

Should you have any further questions or suggestions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at privacy@doorluck.com or through the Contact page.

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